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Next generation robotic mobility devices for people with disabilities


I Rise Mechanics 357 is a high-tech company, engineering and manufacturing
new-generation, robotic mobility devices for people with lower limbs
disabilities with unique design, mechanics, electronics and software. Our
systems will improve health, independence, social inclusion and quality of life
for disabled people.



Globally every year between the 250,000 to 500,000 incidents lead to the lower
limbs being immobilized.
The average age of people experiencing such incidents is
39.5 years.

Most of these people are of working age, physically active and living an active


Most of the aids for people with vertebral injuries are designed to move them in
a sitting position. However, the extended stay of the human body in a
wheelchair is unusual and leads to inevitably life-long secondary health
problems such as deep vein thrombosis, urinary tract infections, muscular spasms, osteoporosis,decubital wounds, chronic pain, respiratory disabilities and many others.













Vertical position

– Free movement in vertical position of the body
– Health status improvement
– Easy self-transfer from and to a wheelchair or other       furniture
– Maximum maneuverability
– Lightweight – compact – 60 kg.

electric drivetrain

– 4×4 movement
– Axial movement
– Foldable parts for easy transport
– 0 grade turning radius


– Aluminum tubing chassis
– Antibacterial breathing materials
– Low center of gravity
– Adaptable steps and knees


Lubomir Vassilev


Lubo is not a captain of a ship, but has the power to unite talents in
amazing teams. He is great in finding partnerships that support our work,
support its distribution and development.

Diana Aladzhova

part of advisory board - cfo insights

Financial analysis on strategy, budgeting, controlling, pricing, management reporting, investment and return. Experience with Private Equity and Venture Capital 


in the CEE Region.

Lilia Gyurova -
Project Manager

Certified Scrum Master for different projects in large pharma company with many years of experience in the industry.

Ivelina Gadjeva - inclusive designer

Ivelina is inclusive design expert. She is the only specialist working in
this field in Bulgaria. Ivelina uses people-centered design processes not
only as a problems solving strategy but also as a method of identifying
them. She believes people are the greatest source of inspiration.

Liubomir Lukanov,
Mechanical Engineer

He has experience in creating CNC programs from CAD models to manufactured parts using ESPRIT CAD/CAM software.

Georgios Gardos

With a wealth of expertise, he excels as a software specialist, having extensive experience in the design and development of diverse software solutions.

Denitsa Shishmanova

Strong experience and achievements in leading R&D Finance projects in BIG PHARMA industry and partnering enterprises in implementing agile ways of working.

ivan valkov


Experienced Managing Director with history in computer software industry.

MALIN ZAIMOV -Manufacturing manager

He boasts significant experience as a production director and supervisor, proficient in orchestrating, coordinating, and supervising the complete production process to uphold efficiency and dependability.

Bahtikara Ufuk
Sales Account Manager

15 years experience as a Regional manager in the biggest in MedTech company in Austria.BSTÄNDIG Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Rosen Yordanov Firmware & Hardware

Experience in ESPRIT CAD/CAM Software, postprocessors, 3D print, Industrial controllers, SolidWorks, CNC Machines Design.

Welcome to our creative space


g.k. Elenovo-2, bl. 132, 2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

  • +359 89 2227220


Investor of the year 2019
Invest Bulgaria Agency
Successful Startup 

Certificate delivered by the European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020

Best social impact startup

Central European startupawards 2019 Sofia

Best social impact startup- Regional Winner

Central European startupawards 2019 Bucharest

Аward  for active participation of the European Fair of Enterprises and Cooperatives from the Social and Solidarity Economy

Аward  for active participation of the European Fair of Enterprises and Cooperatives from the Social and Solidarity Economy


Business angels

Serial investors

Founders of  “Imperia Online

Founders of  “Upnetics

Investors in  “EnduroSat






Funded by
the European Union

Next Generation EU

National Recovery
Resilience Plan


Online service and maintenance platform

Source of professional employees 

aids for children and adults with special needs

Deyacolor Ltd. is an exclusive representative of Tiger Coatings Gmbh for Bulgaria

Foundation Synergia

Bulgarian Startup Association

Commission on Protection against Discrimination

Agency For People With  Disabilities

Applied Research and Communications Fund

ARC Consulting Ltd

European commission

Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems
“Academic Evgeni Budevski”

High quality bearings for every moving part of OMNIBOT

A kind gesture – Music rights for the ONMIBOT movie

Industrial Purpose Batteries

Be Good!

Film makers

Business Consultant
at LLC

Aero brokers and logistics

Hair & Styling

Next Level Communication

Press & Media


Funded by
the European Union

Next Generation EU

National Recovery
Resilience Plan

On September 12, 2023, iRice Mechanics 357 entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Innovation and Growth under procedure BG-RRP-2.006, amounting to BGN 3,238,815.36. Of this sum, BGN 2,267,170.75 constitutes non-repayable financial assistance from the European Union – NextGenerationEU. This initiative, aimed at assisting distinguished innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), aligns with the objectives of the Operational Program “National Recovery and Resilience Plan,” backed by the European Union’s NextGenerationEU.

Within this collaboration, iRise embarks on project BG-BG-RRP-2.006-0016-C01, devoted to refining the market readiness of our groundbreaking robotic system designed to enhance vertical mobility for individuals with disabilities.
The project’s objectives are clear: to finalize the technological cycle in developing a market-ready prototype of the OMNIBOT and to craft a robust marketing and market entry strategy tailored for EU market. This strategic move aims to position the company for securing significant private capital (Series A round) by 2025.

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